Thursday, November 11, 2010

Consistency Back!

Distance 24km [total: minimalist 132km: Barefoot 632.5km]

After the longer Saturday run I did some drills on the Sunday, sticking to the basics of Change of Support, Pony, toe taps, Hops with a short run in between each drill.
It does pay to continue on with the drills even if you think your running form is good as it stops any bad habits creeping back, especially on the longer runs when you get tired.
After the drills I did a short 4km run, jetty to jetty and back. I need to get a bit more speed training under my sleeve so this was my first attempt.
I covered the 2km distance in 10 minutes and nearly exactly the same time the other way, now that is pretty consistent.
During the week I ran 8km on Monday, a good run but I felt pretty tired at the end, probably due to my early mornings and early lunch.
One thing is for sure insomnia is not a problem when you run in the evenings.

Wednesday: Put in another 8km along the beach. I'm making the best of the firm sand and low tide. I always like to finish off the run by a kilometre on the concrete to get my legs to adapt to the different surfaces automatically.

I am getting to feel much more relaxed in my running style now, I feel that I'm getting a natural leaning stance and only concentrating on pulling the feet from the ground. It feels good when you get into the correct stance, just falling forward without any pushing effort.
All I have to do now is learn how to stay relaxed when I get into the small unofficial little races that occur between runners when they are out on the beach training.


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