Monday, November 15, 2010

Around the lake

Distance 14.5km [total: minimalist 132km: Barefoot 647km]

Saturday morning saw me have my first run around the artificial salt water lake at West Lakes.
It was an overcast day with some light spots of rain falling when I got to the lake at 8.15am.
I estimated the distance at around 5.7km (Measured on Google Earth). This is shorter than the 8km race at Christmas so I assume it must be following the pavement along the road rather than the path around the front of the lake. I shall check to see if that adds an extra couple of kilometres to the distance.

I started to develop a bit of soreness in the left ankle in the last couple of km, maybe I was pushing it a bit too much for a first go.
My feet were also getting a bit tender. They still need more distance on hard surfaces to toughen them up, I put most of my distance in on the sandy beaches
It took me around 35 minutes to do the loop.

After the loop of the lake, I still had a some energy left so I drove to the beach and ran a further 5km. I was going to try a faster run but took it easier so I didn't put any extra stress on my left ankle.

Monday found me at the beach again, not the best of runs this evening. Strong southerly winds blasted up the beach. The ankles and tendons still felt a bit achy so I kept a restrained pace.
I don't like these windy days as it is hard to get a steady rhythm because you are pushing into the wind on the way out and it is pushing you too fast on the way back.
The weather pattern should move over by the end of the week.


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