Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wild weather

Distance 10km [total: minimalist 124km: Barefoot 483km]

Finally, I manage to have two runs on successive days without any calf problems.

Saturday morning - Feels mild outside, some sun but it is forecast to turn nasty by the afternoon.
I drove to the beach, the tide was far out and there was a nice flat beach to get my toes into.
The sand was a good temperature, not icy cold like on the days after a clear cold night.
I ran from my parking spot to the jetty at Henley then on to the Henley Hotel before turning around and running back, without any rest breaks.
The wind was against me on the way back but as I'm only taking small steps I hardly notice.
One thing I have to control is speed, my legs want to run faster and it pushes my heart rate over my training zone limit of 150bpm. I pull myself back mainly so I don't put too much stress on the muscle before it is fully recovered.
It was only as I was reaching the car after 5km that I got a slight feeling that if I had to do another km that I might get into trouble.
I gave the feet, ankles and calves a soak in the cold sea water.

The weather really deteriorated in the afternoon, high winds which shifted from the north around to the south, heavy rain. Trees were blown over, power was cut to many parts of the city. We have not seen a storm like this for many years.

Sunday. The storm had abated, blew itself out overnight. The morning sun was shining.
Usually I go to the gym on a Sunday morning but today I just felt like doing a few more km along the beach.
I repeated Saturdays run, feeling much better now. Any time I became aware of any message from the calves I put some more bend in the knees and slowed the cadence down.

Once again I chose the best part of the day for the run, during the afternoon the rainy weather returned.
I'll give the running a rest now until around Thursday when I'll try some more drills.


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