Thursday, September 9, 2010

Interesting run

Distance 4.5km [total: minimalist 124km: Barefoot 487.5km]

As we were in for some more wet weather in the next few days and as it had been a nice sunny day today I headed to the beach to give the legs a bit of a stretch.

When I got there it was close to high tide, there was a small strip of dry soft sand in the northern direction but towards the south the sea was lapping against the rocks.

The weather change was also heading in pretty quickly so I wasn't going to go too far.
As I made it to the area where the sea was about 6 inches deep I kept running through the water, good for testing out how sure footed you can be under unstable surfaces.
Ha, while negotiating one of the channels formed by the water as it ran back to the main body of water I misjudged how deep the sand would have been cut away. It wasn't a few inches as I thought but about 2 feet, so, I went straight over, crashing down into the water.
I was thoroughly soaked now but good other wise.
On the way back I was more cautious. The the rain started followed by a strong headwind that stayed with me for the 2km back up the beach.
I still found it thoroughly enjoyable, no worries about wreaking a pair of expensive running shoes just wet t-shirt and shorts.
So, covered about 4.5km, calves felt back to normal again.
I have a massage booked for tomorrow to iron out any kinks in the muscles.
I think the trick is to leave out the calf exercises at the gym, I probably don't need them.


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