Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Distance 2km [total: minimalist 124km: Barefoot 473km]

Thursday, finally we have reached the Spring after what seemed like a long winter.
Ok ok I know Australian winters are mild by comparison to northern European winters, I guess I'm just a warm weather person.

We had some really nice spring weather on the Sunday, the sun shone all day and it was probably around 18-20C.
I went on a barefoot stroll along the beach for around 3 hours, no pressure of running just relaxing.
My feet must be quite tough now as I walk over shells and stones without hardly noticing them whereas my relatives who were with me were super sensitive to anything that wasn't fine sand.

Tonight I did some Pose drills on the field near home. Felt good but didn't do any fast sprints and didn't run much distance.
I gave my feet a soak in cold water after finishing off the drills then treated them to a massage and soak in warm water with magnesium.
No running tomorrow as we are in for some substantial rain that is due to last over the weekend.
I may see if I can get out over the weekend to see if the calf will hold up to a bit of distance.


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