Saturday, August 30, 2014


Distance 6km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6653.6km] Week35 (25th - 31th Aug)

Running days: Thursday
Distances: 6km

The spring weather is making it's presence felt. Most days this week were in the high teens and low 20's with plenty of sun. Unfortunately for me the running rewards that I should have built up through winter are not going to be here for me. This seems like a repeat of what I went through 2 years ago where I put in good distances through the winter then had to cease running through spring due to injury.
So, my barefoot running is not a cure for running injuries by far but the injuries I do get are not of the kind that damage the knees, it is all located around the ankles.
I ran a slow 6km on Thursday feeling slow and sluggish. Halfway around I stopped to chat with an acquaintance from the gym, no point running if it's not doing you any benefits

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