Saturday, August 16, 2014

Monthly Barefoot run

Distance 28km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6600.2km] Week31 (28th Jul -3rd Aug)

Running days: Wednesday, Saturday.
Distances: 10km 13km 5km

An earlier in the week cinema night on Monday meant I didn't run so Tuesday was on the cards except it poured with rain.
The best day of the week was Wednesday when the temperature hit a huge 16C. There was sunshine and a cloud free late afternoon that allowed the sun to bathe the coast in an orange glow. The sun disappeared below the horizon as I was on my way back and had just crossed the river. Another few weeks and I should be able to have the sun up for most of my run.

Saturday was a longer 13km run along the beach from Grange to Semaphore. The tide was out so I had some firm sand to run on. As it had been a while since I done this run I didn't extend it out to 15km as I thought it would be better to add any extra distance on to the end of the run rather than end up exhausted on the way back. It was a good idea as I ran out of enthusiasm as I reached the start point. I also managed to get some chafing which was a bit of surprise.

Sunday saw me meeting up with David for a run from Henley Beach to West Beach as part of our regular monthly barefoot run. Michael was missing as he is still recovering from a foot sprain.
After the run we headed to the cafe for a coffee and a catch up before I had to get off to meet up with friends a bit later.


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