Sunday, July 13, 2014

Slow Distance

Distance 24.7km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6526.8km] Week28 (7th - 13th Jul)

Running days: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.
Distances: 9.5km, 7km, 8.2km.

What a cold wet week, I wasn't very inspired at all to get out there on those cold wet roads. It is gradually getting lighter now so that is positive but the ground is getting colder.
I was late getting out for my run on Thursday as I had worked a bit later to keep one or my irritation colleagues happy.
By the time i got the feet on the ground for a run it was past 5pm and I had around 10 minutes before sunset. This meant that it was dark as I was making my way back. Running barefoot in the dark is harder as especially where there is no lighting as you have to run by feel which is hard when the feet are cold.
I did have some race competition that I couldn't catch in the last couple of km.
Saturday morning was cold and a chill wind blew from the south. I only did a short 7km as the cold didn't inspire me to run further.
Sunday was a nice day, cold start but sunny all day. I did a Fartlek session again, 5 sprint sections, it was hard work but rewarding to get to the end and sit on the grass by the lake.
I had to take a pain tablet when I got back as I may have jarred my back doing some light clean and jerk at the gym. I was hoping to get stronger at doing these but my back is definitely a limiting factor. I will always have to stay light as the discs don't like it when I push up.
Next week we have some cold nights but sunny days. If I can get out of work at a good time there might be enough warmth in the ground to stop my feet freezing.


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