Monday, October 7, 2013

Light week

Distance 23.5km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 5160.7km] Week40

Thursday, 3-Oct 11km

Some pent up energy was released on todays run. The weather had been pretty awful during the week, Monday wasn't too bad, it was warm but the rain started in the late afternoon. It stayed wet and windy for the next few days.
I gave myself a rest to allow my feet to recover from running last week and I did feel better for it. I had also been a bit stressed today as I was thinking about spending a large sum of money to buy a small (everything is Australia is very expensive, land especially) block of land and that must have been releasing stress hormones into my system causing me to get a headache so by finishing time at work I felt awful. As soon as my feet touched the ground on the run, normality started to return and I felt calmer. I ran a good time of 61m for the distance which included a bit of a walk from the beach. I felt I was running strongly today. I still got passed by some young guy flying past. I didn't bother chasing down.

Saturday, 5-Oct 12.5km

As I set off towards the beach it looked like a perfect running day, cool with a light breeze but bright and sunny. When I parked up at the beach the wind was much stronger, blowing from the north. I set off and within one kilometre I was running into strong winds, 30km/h with gusting 48km/h along the beach. It sapped my energy and I decided I would cut the run short and not run to the next jetty at Semaphore but turn back when I hit the Esplanade at Semaphore. The wind strength started to ebb as I reached the half way point. I came off the beach and onto the bitumen/concrete path, following the miniature railway. It felt much better not having the wind blowing at me. I ran on the drying out grass behind the houses by the beach. They are losing their winter softness as they dry out, soon the hard seeds will be sticking in my feet again and I will have to abandon the route. Halfway back I move once more onto the beach and a beautiful expanse of flat wet sand. The wind has now moderated to a light breeze behind me as I flew along at a fast pace. The weather front that passed through has gone and left fantastic spring weather behind.
We move into Australian Summer time at midnight tonight, losing an hour in return for lighter evenings. It's like a mini jet lag. I abandoned my sunday run as I couldn't get out of bed.


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