Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting warmer again

Distance 53.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 5137.2km] Week39

 23, 25, 27 Sep. 10km x 3

My working week had the 3 runs of 10km. Two of the outings were good with the middle one very average. I think spending 8 hours sitting at a computer during the day sometimes buggers up my running. I just couldn't get into gear, my lungs felt restricted but my heart rate was still on the low side at around 130, it felt like it should have been a lot more the way I was trying to get enough air.

Saturday, 28th Sep. 15km

A nice morning, bright but cool, good for a run. The tide was incoming as I ran up to Semaphore and I was running out of beach. I noticed the dunes near the Semaphore jetty have some fresh erosion, probably due to the high winds we had on Wednesday night. It won't be long before the sea breaks through the dunes and pushes water into the low lying area behind. Several of the paths that lead to the beach had drops of 1-2 metres when the sand has been washed away. I took a different route back, running along MIlitary Road then along the lake at West Lakes. My feet were feeling a bit sore from some of the rough roads by the end and I was feeling tired. I thought by now my feet could cope with running long distance on rough surfaces but I still have to take care.

Sunday, 29th Sep. 8.2km

Last run of the week and it was my lake loop. A warm northerly wind blew in my face on the way up and as I slowly angled away it dropped and ended up behind me. The feet were a bit sore today so I might give them a rest next week. I should run for enjoyment rather then just get the distance up for the week, that only leads to injuries.
The cool days seem fewer now, maybe one of two per week, soon, in mid summer these will be the days I will be wishing for to keep my feet off the baking ground.


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