Sunday, December 25, 2011

Still puffed up but hit 2000+km

Distance 33.5km [total: minimalist 256.3km: Barefoot 2002.2km] Week 52

Monday, 19-Dec. 8km
A warm Monday evening finds me at the beach at 5.30pm, the sand is soft and it's easier to take to the footpath. I am finding with the tendon problem in my right ankle that I have a problem keeping my big toe
lifted when I land, this is causing a bit of friction and I have rubbed a blister up on an earlier run and I can feel it each time I run on the pavement. I could have run a 10km today but I was a bit cautious and thought of my feet and turned around 1km from my usual point. I had nothing to fear the feet were fine after I gave them a clean.

Wednesday, 21-Dec. 11km
My longest run for a while. I had to test my calf out and it didn't fail even though it is enlarged. What the hell is it I keep asking myself. I have never had a calf problem that has caused ankle swelling, when you get mysteries like this it is unnerving, you always think of the worst. This was a late evening run, I set off after 7.30pm and ran up the beach to Semaphore and managed to turn around and run down the concrete and grass and get halfway back before the sun set fully. I was feeling tired by the end but happy with my effort.

Thursday, 22-Dec. 6km
A word of advice, one that everyone knows anyway. Don't go running shortly after having your evening meal as you will feel like crap. Well, I did and... I did.
My left calf is still swollen but it is not that painful, it is very strange. I had thought that maybe a run would help it and it would be good to see how a back to back run would go. Not very well as it turned out. I felt slow and the food sat heavy in my stomach. I intended to run north up the beach until the sun set at around 8.30pm then turn around and come back but sometimes you just know when to call it a day. I managed about 3km up the beach, it wasn't going to get any better so I turned around and headed home.
Now only a few days until Christmas day race and I'm still a wreak (but improving very slowly).

Sunday, 25-Dec. 8.5km
Well I managed to get around the Fanatics Christmas run unscathed. I was conservative, if you call barefoot running conservative, and ran the short course of 8.5km. My sports watch bleeped furiously the entire way around telling me that I was above my training zone, I felt breathless for the first few kilometres then just accepted it wasn't going to get any better. At the turn off point for the 13km and 21km I decided to head for the short course home. I seemed to get to the finish line 1st, as it was an informal race that doesn't necessarily mean I won but it would be cool if I did. I recorded a time of 45m 23s which beat my time from last year by I think around 3 minutes. If my fitness had been up and no calf problems I could have got closer to 40min oh well there is always next year. I hung around and got some photos of the other finishers so I can send them to the running club for their gallery.

I also hit the 2000 kilometres of barefoot running mark with this run so that is a nice Christmas present. The next run in the calendar is on Australia Day on the 26th of January, the 16km run to Hallet Cove from Brighton. I hope my legs are good enough for that one.


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