Sunday, December 4, 2011

10km on pavement again

Distance 21km [total: minimalist 256.3km: Barefoot 1956.2km] Week 49

Monday 28-Nov. 4km.
My short Monday run along the beach. The ankle pain is still with me, I can't tell if there is improvement or not. I have been using the ultrasound unit for around a week now but there are no noticeable changes to the ankle.

Wednesday, 30-Nov. 7km
The afternoon sea breeze was more like a gale blowing from the south, whipping up the sand, making it swirl around on the flat beach. I don't mind running into the strong wind when barefoot, the shorter stride makes it more efficient and I don't get tired. In fact running with the wind behind me gives me more problems in that I can't control my landing as well. I managed 7km before the ankle irritated me enough to make me stop. It really does take the fun out of running when you are trying to shake and injury.

Saturday, 3-Dec. 10km
Time is zooming by now, only 3 weeks to Christmas, not enough time to get the miles in to run in a half marathon, especially when still not fit. The good thing about a morning run is the wind hasn't picked up at that time of day, it always gets stronger as the day goes on. I felt ok enough today to run on the pavement, I took it gently and my ankle didn't complain too much. It has been the longest distance I have done in a month and my feet are not seasoned to the surface and distance. They felt a bit sore in the last kilometre. I was quite happy with the run, I didn't get any after effects in the ankle. That usually comes the next day after a nights sleep. When asleep the foot is usually in a planar flex position and that seems to irritate the ankle and make it feel painful when I wake and walk around. I am going to try gentle dorsiflex stretching to see if I can get the foot back into the full range of movement without pain.


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