Sunday, January 1, 2012

1250km for the year

Distance 29.5km [total: minimalist 256.3km: Barefoot 2031.7km] Week 52 last week

Tuesday, 27-Dec. 12.5km
Hey, it looks like I have more weeks in my year than I should have, not to worry, I'll re-zero it again in January, this time it should work out more cleanly as the 1st of Jan is on a Monday which it the beginning of my week.
The winds of yesterday have dissipated, they sky is full of dark clouds but it's not cold, good running weather.
My legs are starting to feel better, I am still wary about loading up my calf and kept well within my training zone. The ankle is much stronger now, still some pain when running but nothing after so that means I am not causing problems with the running.
Now that I've got the Christmas race behind me

Wednesday, 28th-Dec. 7km
How quickly one forgets about how hot surfaces get with a bit of sun on them. I got a timely reminder today. Most of my running takes place in the early evening or early morning so I don't have chance to run on hot surfaces. As I am on holiday I can now do silly things like run in the middle of the day when it is warm. I set off on a run at around 11.30am, it was already about 27C. The ground was runnable, warm but not hot. I'd already covered around 3km when I had to cross the bitumen road, that was hot so I raced across it. The brick paving under my feet was beginning to feel hotter but then it was back to some cooler concrete. About 500m from my turnaround point the concrete ended and I was back onto brick, I ran about 20 metres and thought shit, that's hot I stopped to consider my options, standing still was not an option, I started walking looking for a way down onto the beach, next exit around 50m away. I wasn't going to last walking, my feet would be blistered by the time I made it to the steps. I had to run, wow did it feel hot. I got to my turn around point and knew there was no way I could run back on the brick and concrete so I headed down to the beach. The water was a relief to my sore feet. I ran around 2km back before the sore feet stopped me and I walked the remaining 3km.
The temperature is going to get hotter during the week leading up to a 41C day on Sunday.

Saturday, 31-Dec. 10km
Beat the heat, breakfast early and at the beach before 8am, still feels warm, 28C apparently, by the time I was finished at 9am it was 31C phew. I had to run on the road today as the tide was in and the sand soft, not very good. I had planned a long run to Semaphore but instead ran to West Beach. This time I didn't burn my feet, the ground was a good temperature, give it a few hours and that would all change. I've still got some small blood blisters on my pads that I must have got a week or so ago and they hurt to run on. I've managed to run 1250km this year, a big increase on last year. I would like to break the 1000 mile per year to get my certificate from the BRS. I probably could have done it this year except for the injuries in the latter half.
I am hoping 2012 brings more maturity to my barefoot running and I can get through the year with less injuries.
Sunday - New Years Day. No running today it's a hot day, already over 40C outside and it will be hotter by the late afternoon. A good day to rest.


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