Sunday, September 18, 2011

2nd Anniversary

Distance 13.5km [total: minimalist 256.3km: Barefoot 1787.2km] Week 36

My brief holiday in Anglesea was made even briefer by the awful weather that afflicts the British isles. The only good day we encountered was on the day we travelled to the place, a small isolated farmhouse on the northern coast. We were due to be there for a week but ended up coming back 2 days early due to bad weather. I didn't go for any runs along beaches as I envisioned as when we got to a beach as howling wind and rain nearly blew me off the beach.

I have passed my second anniversary of my barefoot running adventure and I can say that I have had a big reduction in my running injuries. Gone are the shin pains and Achilles tendon pains, back problems, hip problems and knee problems. I still wander around sports shops out of curiosity to see what they are selling. It is good that I am under no pressure to buy anything these days as there are so many shoes to choose from it must be quite bewildering for new runners.

Friday, 9-Sep. 13.5km.
A widow of opportunity opened in this rain soaked land. We were actually due to see some sun, it made it's appearance in the afternoon. I went for a run at around 11am, it was still grey and overcast at that time. The canal towpath was an obstacle course of mud and puddles, I wonder if it will every dry out.
The humidity was up today and I felt my energy being sapped as I climbed the hills, I stopped for a rest a couple of times.
I'm still struggling with my downhill running. I find it hard to keep my legs bent and relaxed to absorb the shock so I compensate by keeping a short stride and trying to pull my feet up. I recorded a slow time of around 1.5 hours for the run.
This might be my last in the UK before I head back to Australia. The weekend forecast was for more wet and windy weather.


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