Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Avoided a Zero Week

Distance 13km [total: minimalist 256.3km: Barefoot 1800.2km] Week 37

The bad weather that was forecast arrived on Monday, high winds but little in the way of rain. I could have gone for a run but with only a day before I was due to fly to Singapore I didn't want to have any sweaty laundry build up.
I flew out on the Tuesday, arriving in Singapore on Wednesday morning. I didn't get any runs in while in Singapore mainly due to the high humidity and the fact that I was suffering jet-lag. I did compensate by doing 3 gym workouts and swimming on each day of my stay. The gym was small but sufficient and as there were no other users I had no problem waiting to get on equipment. The same applied to the pool, it was almost like my own private 20m pool, it was fantastic. I got plenty of practice of my swimming stroke.
In the afternoon I would go on walks around the city, sweating profusely.
The coolest place was up at Fort Canning where Stamford Raffles summer house was situated up on the hillside. It's only on a slight hill but apparently it is on one of the high spots on the island (43m) and offers a slightly cooler environment from the city below (17m).

I did get my barefeet onto the ground at the Fort and did most of my walking around up there this way. I didn't want to try it in the city as I'm sure it would have attracted too much attention and as it was so crowded could have been a danger to me.

Bare Feet at Fort Canning, Singapore

Bare Feet at Stamford Raffles House
On the Friday I boarded the plane to Adelaide and had a mostly sleepless night. I spent the day unpacking and sorting out all the chaos that a holiday leaves behind. I would have loved to have run in Singapore if I had been there longer but I think I would have turned into a puddle of sweat and been removed from the hotel had I attempted to enter.

Sunday, 18-Sep. 13km.
My first run back on Australian soil (or sand as it happened). I'm still suffering jet-lag, if I were in the UK I would have still been asleep as it would have been around 3am. Consequently I wasn't feeling as full of beans as I should have. I even managed to put my running shorts on backwards for the run. Still my time was still good but I started to feel fatigued on the way back and had a few rest stops. My heart rate monitor was reading a high pulse rate but that may have been due to the battery being on its way to need replacing.
Well, lets see if I can get my running distance back up to around 40km per week by the end of the month and also get them back from out of the protection of the Vibrams and get the soles back onto the ground.


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