Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yikes, blisters!

Distance 15km [total: minimalist 132km: Barefoot 596.5km]

Wow, I thought I'd seen the last of blisters on my feet, I must have been doing something wrong this time!
Actually my feel were a bit tender from Thursday, the warm evening were I ran 8km, 5 of those km on the road, tender but not sore.

Forward to Saturday, the weather is cool, windy and rainy. I headed to the beach at 9am with the intention of doing 12km along the beach from Grange to Semaphore and back.
I was looking forward to a smooth flat expanse of beach but was met with an incoming tide, big waves and well trodden sand. I decided that this was all too hard, especially as I would have to battle a strong headwind on the way back. After running a few hundred metres up the beach I turned off the beach and back onto the road and changed direction and started running south into the wind.
I didn't have too many problems on the outbound leg but by the time I got to the river my feet were feeling a bit tender again.
On the way back I concentrated on getting my feet off the ground as quickly as possible.
Halfway back I was aware of the pressure on the balls of my feet and how they were starting to hurt. I slowed the pace and took shorter steps but found the wind pushing me forward was disturbing my natural rhythm.
I made it back to the car but my feet felt sore on the underneath, I wasn't sure if this was a blister of just some skin taken off because my feet were wet when I started running.
After getting home I checked the feet and I have a couple of small blisters on the bottom. I think they will be fine in a few days.
I think that as most of my running is on the sand that the feet need to be a bit tougher to handle longer distance on hard surfaces.
I'm still aiming to run the 8km Christmas Day run at West Lakes and that will be hard surface all the way. It is the shortest of the 3 distances they run that day so I shall be conservative rather than a hero, well, I'll decide in about 6 weeks time.


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