Sunday, October 10, 2010


Distance 26.5km [total: minimalist 132km: Barefoot 564.5km]

Well, I've made it to the first year anniversary of a new way of running and despite some of the setbacks I experienced along the way I can say that they were all learning experiences.
One year ago I could hardly even walk with bare feet on concrete without getting pains in the feet. They must have been so weakened over the years from the shoes and orthotics that they couldn't even cope with the most basic of things that feet were made to do.
This truly has been an interesting adventure.
One year ago, as now, the first of the spring weather was coming through.
At the beginning of October 2009 I went for my last run in my Asics running shoes, it was a short run of only 1km before my shins were so painful that I couldn't place my foot on the ground. I walked home angry and frustrated.
After running for 30 years I thought maybe I was getting too old and these were all the signs.
But no, that wasn't it. The blame lay with the shoe designers who have gradually been increasing the thickness and cushioning of the shoes over this period, making it impossible to run correctly.

Now on this anniversary date I am now teaching others how to run correctly.

Reviewing this week, on Wednesday I ran 7km against a strong southerly wind blowing up from the Antarctic, the tide was high and sand soft which made for a challenging run.
The return journey along the road was much better.
On the Friday I did my second run from work and this time it took me 1hour 25mins for the 12.5km shaving 12 minutes of last weeks run.
I was experiencing a little tendon pain in the right leg so will do a few calf raises to correct the imbalance.
On the Saturday the weather was calm sunny and warm.
I was going to do just a short 5km run but as it was so nice out there I did 7km.
My feet were getting a bit tender, a sign that I was moving my running distance up too fast. I'll ease back next week, I'll keep the total distance down to around 25km.
The forecast for Friday next week is cold, back to a winter temperature, I will make that a rest day.


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