Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winter around the corner

Distance 16km [total: minimalist 60.5km: Barefoot 360km]

I didn't go on my usual Friday run home from work as I had neglected to buy a weekly bus ticket and it would mean paying full price on the bus just for the privilege of running home, so I got in the car.
As it turned out Friday was a beautiful Autumn day.
I did do some training when I got home from work, I did drills and training sprints on the rugby field for around 45 minutes.
I did three sets of the three basic drills with a sprint in between each drill.

A cool bright summer morning and I headed to the beach at 8.15am with the intention of putting in a longer run to make up for the missed long run on Friday.
I would do the run from Grange Jetty to the Esplanade at Semaphore.
I had my Polar watch set in interval training mode, I'm still not sure how to interpret the various beeps it emits but I'm guessing that you have to do your fast burst during the furious beeping stage then ease off when it stops beeping.
I got about 5km from Grange when I suddenly felt some tightness in my calf during a sprint stage. I think I had strained the calf as the beach was quite uneven and maybe I hadn't recovered from yesterdays session.
I had to turn around and walk back, I managed a quick trot for the last few km.

The calf was sore for two days but the massage and cold water helped it. It seems it was a strain rather than anything more serious.
Monday I did a 4km run on very soft sand along the beach in the late afternoon. The calf seemed fine then.


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