Friday, May 14, 2010

Feeling good

Distance 12.5km [total: minimalist 75.5km: Barefoot 376.5km]

I had my Friday afternoon run home in perfect late autumn weather.
The only drawback, if you can call it that is that the sun shines right in my eyes as I'm running in a westerly direction so it makes it very hard to see the ground in front of me.
I ran 3km in the Vibrams and removed them once away from the main roads and I was in the peace and quiet of the Linear Park.
The heat of the road surface that was there in the summer is long gone, there are areas that catch the afternoon sun and I can still feel a bit of warmth there, other areas are cold due to shade from trees.
My feet got me back and were unscathed at the end. I am learning how to run and be gentle on landing, it gets better every month.

My feet are looking a lot healthier these days, I can even get slight control over my little toe on the left foot. It takes a lot of concentration to move it but it can be done.


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