Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cooler weather

Distance 13km [total: minimalist 75.5km: Barefoot 389.5km]

During the week I managed to get a beach run in on the Monday that was a little disappointing, mainly because I had stiffness in the legs caused by doing some over enthusiastic stretching at the gym the day before.
At the time I was thinking how I was increasing my flexibility but what I forgot was that I was well warmed up from the exercise and I was stretching a little too far.
Now I had sore hamstrings and had to run 4km where the hamstrings are the main muscle used.
I did some warm up exercises, that made it feel a little better but I just didn't have the pulling power tonight. That coupled with the high tide and soft and wet sand seemed to drain my mental energy. Live to fight another day!

Legs feeling better now, the soreness has almost gone, it took a while though. I did some training on the rugby field across from home.
I'd also just had a massage as an attempt to get my muscles more balanced and less tense.
Tonight I just had my back done, in 5 weeks I'll book in again and get the legs done.
On the field I did 2 sets of Change of support, Pony and Hop in Place. In between each I did a 50m sprint.
These always feel like really good workouts by the end and I'm usually drenched in sweat.

I missed out on my usual Friday run as I had a dinner to go to later that evening and there would be no time for running from work.
So, Saturday is here and the sky is blue, temperature a bit cool, only 10C as I head to the beach.
The tide is far out this morning but it is not nice and flat, it is very well trodden, this may indicate that there was not much tidal activity during the night. Most of the footprints would have been made the previous day.
I ran south towards the river keeping a nice even tempo. On the way back I decided that the beach was too soft and I wanted a change in surface, the beach sand was also quite cold and my feet were numb underneath.
Running on the concrete path was much better, the concrete was still cold as it was still in the shadow of the houses. In places when I did pass over areas where the sun was shining on the ground I could feel the warmth.
At the Henley Hotel the pavement switches side of the road and was in the full sun and this was great as my feet started to warm through.
At Henley Square I got into a bit of a race with some runners who were coming up behind me while I was walking through the square having a break.
It is good to have a bit of competition, it made me run faster and I realise how easy I find running on hard surfaces now.
I stayed in front for about a kilometre before the passed me as I neared my car.
All in all a very satisfying run.

I am going to have to look around for a short race to enter that I can run barefoot, I think the spring would be a good time. It would also be close to my first year anniversary of ditching the shoes.


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