Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tight again

Distance 20.5km [total: minimalist 72.5km: Barefoot 368km]

Well, another Friday is here and it's time to get the Vibrams on again for the 12.5km run from work.
The weather was good running weather, a temperature of about 20C, a bit of cloud around but some nice gentle afternoon sun.
The first half of the run was good, I can hold my efficient form now for much longer and it is almost getting to the stage of unconscious competence, up from the previous stage of conscious competence.
The running is easier I don't feel the jolting I felt when first running in the Vibrams, I'm running now with far springier bent knees.
I began to feel some calf tightness at about 6km so slowed down and gave it a massage, this helped and I could continue running at a reduced pace.
I think I may have been pushing the pace a bit too much on this longer run.
I gave the calf a good massage later in the evening, there was a knot in the lower muscle, I probably need a proper sports massage.

I rested up on the Saturday and decided to go for a run on the Sunday instead.
I headed down to the beach at 10.30am a great sunny day, warm with a northerly breeze blowing. I did my pose warm up exercises for 10 minutes then started out.
A runner going in the same direction passed me while I was warming up provided a bit of competition, he was a young guy, maybe early 20's, also running barefoot.
I did notice that he didn't have the pose running style, he was stretching out more.
This would be a good test to see if keeping up a good compact form and working with gravity would help.
It did, I raced past him but he put up a spirited fight and by the time I got to the jetty my heart rate was well above 160, I had to have a rest. He carried on going.
I need to do more of this fast paced running, hard though it is.
I took it easy for the rest of the way, just concentrating on keeping the correct feel.
I ran the last km along the gravel track and road. I have improved my road running from earlier in the year I can run quite fast without any kind of jarring or pain like I used to get with shoes.

Want to see how ridiculous the shoe industry is becoming, look no further than Z-Coil.
If it were April 1st you would surely thing it was a prank, but it isn't either.
I thought the Nike shoes with springs on the back were the dumbest things I had seen but now they have been surpassed by these beauties.

If these things don't land you in hospital within a year I would be truly amazed.
I wonder if a podiatrist is behind this design. As they are not "off the shelf" but customised to your own specifications this all sounds like lots of $$ to be spent.
How far away from nature have we travelled you have to wonder when we have to wear things like that just to walk.
I wish people could just see that you already have a shock absorption system built into your feet by nature over thousands of years, you just need to know how to use them.


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