Monday, March 22, 2010

Back from New Zealand

Distance 5km [total: minimalist 44km: Barefoot 282.5km]

After a two week holiday break in New Zealand it is time to get back to some training again.
I did a little practice while away which consisted of a run around Blue Lake at Rotorua, a distance of 5km. It was a bit of a spontaneous effort and I wasn't dressed for the occasion but it was a good run through the thickly vegetated lake edge.

I did start off barefoot but as I was unsure how long it was going to take I put my thin rock shoes on.
All the way I concentrated on lifting the legs with hamstrings as far as I could tell.

The only other bit of running I managed to squeeze in was some training around a running track at Inglewood, a small town close to New Plymouth.
The lady at the motel where I was staying the night picked up a key for me to use the facility, very thoughtful of her.

In the photo you can see Mount Taranaki in the background.
I found that the tartan track is quite abrasive and as I was training with no shoes on at first I noticed it was filing my feet away and they started to get a bit sore.
I did manage about 5 laps and some 100m shorter runs while practicing the Pose drills.
That was the extent of the running practice while away.


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