Thursday, February 25, 2010


Monday found me out on the cricket/rugby field practicing 3 of the pose drills.
The changing support, pony and hop in place.

When I first tried the drills I found them difficult to get right but as with all things practice practice practice is the only solution.
The Changing support I have no problem with, Pony is ok, the last drill Hop in Place the newest of the drills to me and shows up bias' in the legs.
It is harder to get the action correct on the left leg, the synchronisation can be really out as you have to pull the left leg up and make a small jump with the right leg.
After each of the drills I would run about 50m across the field.
I also practiced some jumping on the spot to improve muscle resilience.
I have actually improved my jumping from a few weeks ago where it would hurt my lower back. My calves now seem to have a bit more springiness in them.

I also practice while at work by running up the stairs but making sure I use the hamstrings to pull the support leg up rather the the quads to lift the whole leg up and I can say it makes a big difference. The former is definitely not as taxing, I'm not breathing as heavily.

Tonight I had a beach run, not the best. With the soft well trodden sand pulling the hamstring all the time is tiring. I think I must have been too conscious of the landing as I got some stiffness in the shin on the left leg but shook it off fairly quickly.
I observe other people running barefoot on the beach to study form, most just still stretch out in a long stride while I concentrate on keeping stride length short.
I'm not sure if my lean is correct, if it is a lean from the ankles or the waist (which is wrong).

Well it has only been about a month since I began reading the pose book and implementing the actions to change my style and so it is still very early days.


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