Friday, February 5, 2010


Today was my longer run home from work and even though it is too early in my change over to the Pose method I thought I'd try to modify my style as best as I can with the amount of knowledge I have so far.

The day was much cooler than some of the Fridays I have run back on, this time it was a pleasant 24C.
I kept reciting a mantra in my head to try to keep me in a better form.
In Pose you have to keep the feet under your centre of gravity, not out in front. The other thing is not pushing off with the foot to move forward but to lead forward and then let gravity take you in that direction and using your feet only as support.

I kept repeating "walking on hot coals" to remind me to pull my feet up as fast as I could and I kept visualising a wheel to remind me where my foot placement should be.

Well, how did I do? I'll try some self analysis.
I found it tiring the pulling the feet up and also, surprisingly, it makes your quads work quite hard but not from a lifting the leg.
When you land on the support leg the leg must be bent and so it is taking your bodyweight for a short period and this works it quite hard.

I think the style change was kinder on my tendons (although they still ached by the time I got back) as I reduced the pushing off from the foot.
I don't think I have the style mastered by a long shot but the main thing is that if you know that then you are in a position to improve it.
IT is hard to observe whether my support foot is in contact with the ground under my body or slightly in front.
What I need to do is get someone to take some photos while I am training to see how I look over the shorter distance runs.
I shall have to look into that next week.

I dunked the lower legs in a bucket cold water at the end of the run then gave the calves a massage.
I'll have a rest day tomorrow then go on my 4km social run on Sunday.


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