Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not quite there yet

Out of interest I got someone to take a few photos as I was practicing some sprint drills on a field near my home.
It is always difficult to know how you are running when you don't have any objective external information.
From the shots in the photo below I would say that my style is still not correct. The leading leg is still pushing out too far in front of the body. The lean into the direction is not enough. In one shot it looks like I am about to land on my heel. I think maybe in the end, by the time contact was made that the foot was under the body. The grass, being a variable surface makes it look as though the foot is about to hit the ground.

I've almost finished the Pose Running book, I have been taking my time to allow the information to sink in.

On Thursday I ran 7km along the beach. Found it tough on the tendons as the sand was very soft and well trodden due to the numbers of people that had been on the beach in the hot weather.
I cooled off in the water after the run and it was quite chilly due to a cool southerly wind blowing.

Friday was my run home from work in the Vibrams and I can report that I felt quite good this time. Once again I kept in mind the lean forward idea and just pull up the legs then let them drop back.
It is very hard to 'feel' if that is in fact what I am doing as I mainly concentrate on the lift part.
Maybe a sign is how you feel at the end. I had no blisters or any foot soreness. I think the tenderness I get in the tendons is due to the fact I am still pushing off a bit rather than lifting the leg.
I'm sure it will come, with time.

A beautiful morning, 21C and sunny. I decided to do a run from Grange to Semaphore, a distance of about 6km there 6km back along the beach.
it took me just over 30 minutes to do the outbound run, it was on the way back that I realised I felt tired. I think the cumulative effect of yesterdays run and this early run had drained the strength from the legs.
I got halfway back and just had to walk.
I'd not anticipated this and so had not put any sunscreen on and so it was a race to get back under cover before the sun took too much out of my skin.
It felt good to get back. I might have a rest tomorrow rather than pushing myself out each day to add some more km to the record.


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