Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Distance 35.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6041.6km] Week13

Wednesday, 26-Mar. 12km

I ran the river beach loop for a change tonight mainly because I start and finish the run from home rather than drive anywhere in the car. I'm trying to save petrol as I missed the bottom of the discount cycle and the price shot up to it's high point when I didn't expect it. It will take another 2 weeks to cycle back down again.
The run takes me along the back streets before crossing the busy Grange Road the down side streets towards the linear park. I kept up a good pace on stiff calves, left over from the gym on Sunday. The river path is rough in places with cracked stony bitumen but I handled it without a problem and before I knew it I was by the beach and running up the smooth concrete.
Some black clouds were gathering in front of me but didn't offer up any rain. I did my last turn into Grange road again and headed for home. covering the distance in just over an hour.

Saturday, 29-Mar. 15km

Another slow start to the run that speeded up after a few kilometres. I feel like I have been running under a bit of a cloud since my brother passed away a few months ago. My spirits have been down and although the running lifts them by the time I have finished it is just hard starting out, I don't feel like I have a spring in my step like I had a year ago. The weather was fantastic, that calm sunny Autumnal time of year when the savage sun has been tamed by the earth tilting away as we swing into the cooler months.

Sunday, 30-Mar. 8.2km

Lots of activity around the lake today, triathlons, rowers runners. A warm 30C day today and tomorrow we are going into the 30's peaking at around 35C sometime in the week. Quite warm for April. The weather was calm today, no wind but that doesn't stop the older folks who have their model sailing boats set up ready to go out on the lake. The weather sock says that unless they have a motor they may become becalmed. I padded past silently before heading onto the triathlon course, not many runners were coming through so I looked to see if I could pick any off for the short distance that our routes converged. A good run today.


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