Sunday, February 9, 2014


Distance 12.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 5780.3km] Week06

Wednesday, 5-Feb-14. 5km

We are heading into a week of horribly hot temperatures with some more 40C+ days. I have not know a summer of such heat in all the time I have been over here.
People always ask about injuries to the foot while running without shoes and I give them the story of getting glass in my toe, not while running but while walking around the house.
I now have another injury to add to the list of ones picked up while indoors. While moving around the breakfast bar I my little toes did not clear the edge as I moved my foot resulting in a lot of pain. Through the next few days my little toe swelled up, then turned black and purple. The toe stubbing incident happened on monday. I decided to go out on a test run on Wednesday, a slightly cooler day of 34C.
I ran on the beach on the soft sand and my toe felt ok, I didn't have any weight on it and only did a short distance. It looked swollen at the end of the run but not much pain.

Sunday, 9-Feb-14. 8.2km

At last the wind has switched around to the south west and cooler air is blowing off the sea, replacing the heat of yesterday where where it got to 41C yet again. It took a long time for me to get to sleep last night with the heat and the neighbours making a noise.
I got out for my run at 9.00am and it was wonderful to be running in a cool breeze of a mere 20C. I have missed more runs due to the heat than I miss in winter due to the cold or wet conditions. My toe feels better, the black purple colour has gone but it still looks a bit larger than the toe on the other foot.


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