Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cool again

Distance 41km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 5867.2km] Week08

Monday, 17-Feb.10km

The cool running weather is a bit of a relief after all the heat of the last few weeks, the one drawback is of course the wind which is always blowing at this time of day. The calmest time to run is in the early morning around sunrise, by the time it gets to 11pm the wind is usually strengthening and by afternoon it will be a strong bluster. It wasn't too bad today breezy but not a battle against the elements. Shortly we will be in autumn once more and the weather will be cooling down and nights drawing in and I will have 5 months of cold feet.

Wednesday, 19-Feb. 10km

Here I am again battling against the strong south wind that is keeping the after work runners off the road, I seem to be on my own today. Maybe I should have gone to the gym rather than tackle the 40kmh wind, it is quite exhausting. Even when they wind is behind me on the way back it is not that rewarding as it pushes me too much and disrupts my stride. By the time I got back I had sand in my eyes and in my mouth and it was a relief to get into the shelter of the car. I got my run out of the way for the day.

Saturday, 22-Feb. 12.5km

My body seemed a bit creaky and slow to start today so I had to just relax and take baby steps until it began to want to run a little faster. Not the easiest of runs today, it was more a labour than an enjoyment. The ankle is still a nuisance, it has been getting better but it must be a case of two steps forward and one step back, it can be hardly noticed one day then reappear the next. I didn't run from jetty to jetty today but turned around as I reached the start of the Espanade at Semaphore then ran back along the road and grassy area behind the houses along the beach

Sunday, 23-Feb. 8.2km

A perfect running day this morning, just a light breeze and below 20C as I got to my usual start point at the car park at the south end of the lake. Lots of activity on today, a triathlon on the east side of the lake and where I am now there are a six Dragon Boats about to begin racing against each other down the length of the lake.
I padded along quietly watching all the events unfolding, a few Sunday morning runners came around in the opposite direction looking a bit more pained and laboured. I had a bit of a race with some of the triathletes when my path crossed onto their course, that gave me a bit of incentive to speed up and catch a few of them. A good run today.

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