Sunday, September 15, 2013

4 Years of Barefoot Running

Distance 44km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 5042.3km] Week37

Monday, 9-Sep. 10.5km

A breezy afternoon for my run. Behind me on the way out then directly in my face on the way back. I was out a bit later this afternoon and the sun had just set by the time I got back to my car. Run went well except for slight soreness around the ankle area which maybe is a symptom of increasing my distances ready for some races sin the Spring and Summer. It is now 4 years since I decided I needed to change the way I ran, to change from a heel striking landing to a neutral landing pattern. There is still much controversy on whether benefits outweigh the negatives. The shin soreness that dogged be for 25 years of running have now gone, that is a fact. The cause undoubtedly was the force applied to the Tibial bone when three times my body weight was being braked by my legs on each step. Whether it was the running shoes that caused the running style or just bad technique on my part it is hard to say. I would have to try to run in my new style in my old shoes to see if they force me back into the bad style or if my knowledge can stop it.

Wednesday, 11-Sep. 8km

For a bit of a change of scene this afternoon I went for a run along the river from Fulham Gardens to Henley. It's been a while since I have done this run. The only drawback is that at this time of year the sun is low in the sky and right in my eyes which means I can't see what is on the ground in front of me. I ran along the north bank of the river towards the sea, the path is rough in places but nothing I can't handle. The last road bridge where I can cross onto the other side is Seaview Road. Running back along the south bank was a different story, for some strange reason, the trees along this side had covered the path with hard seed cases. These were 5mm round seeds that were a nightmare to run on. Add to this swarms of gnats that ended up in my eyes (I hadn't worn my sunglasses) blinding me and causing me to step on more of those pesky seeds. In the end I decided to cross back onto the other side. Rather than run back the same way I took a diversion along some of the side streets and then lost my bearings as the sun was almost down and I couldn't back to the river as the roads lead me in other directions. There I was, running through an area of huge expensive houses, in bare feet and a ripped t-shirt, I'm surprised they didn't call the police to investigate. Maybe I'll stick to my beachside run again.

Friday, 13-Sep. 10.5km

Ah back to my familiar course. The tide was out so I ran the first third on the flat sand before coming back onto the cement path. I was passed by a runner a short time after getting back onto the path, the notion occurred to me that I should give chase but my legs were a bit stiff from the gym session on Thursday so I watched him gradually increase the distance in front of me. I tried some Fartlek (fast/slow) running to see if I could catch him in a fast burst then slow off as I neared. I put in several good bursts but I didn't do much to narrow the gap. I continued the fast slow pace changes on the way back until my legs got too achy. I did a timed distance along the beach from jetty to jetty to see how much I have slowed over the winter season. I recorded around 10:14 which is around 45 seconds down, not too bad seeing as I have done virtually no speed training in around a year.

Saturday, 14-Sep. 15km

A beautiful Saturday for a run. I put in another longer run at a steady pace. There was a northerly breeze that would be behind me on the return leg. I had given my ankles a soak in cold water yesterday and that had made a difference to the stiffness in my lower legs . I felt quite good all the way up to Semaphore jetty. I began to tire on the way back, a combination of the gym session on Thursday and the run yesterday began to take it's toll. I slowed down in the last few kilometres. I had a wade through the water for the last 500m to cool the muscles down.
The City Bay run is on tomorrow, 12km from Adelaide city centre to Glenelg on the seafront, the biggest run on the states calendar. I may go down and take some photos if I can get up in time.


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