Monday, January 28, 2013

Back on the road

Distance 19km [total: minimalist 285.6km: Barefoot 4102.9km] Week4

Monday 21-Jan-2013. 6km

I got through this run without any pain in my calf which was very positive. I did a beach run while the tide was out and found it was more my aerobic fitness that trimmed my pace. I kept alert for any increase in pain around the lower part of my leg. I did feel a little tightness but I think that was the muscles being worked while running. I didn't over do it and cut my run shorter than I would when my enthusiasm was at full throttle.

Saturday 26-Jan-2013. 7km

Another run along the beach this time my full 7km run and once again I felt quite good, no tightness this time and I was running at a better pace. I stayed as relaxed as I could during the run and didn't take any kind of stopwatch or heart monitoring device with me. I have to get the enjoyment of running back before I put any kind of pressure on to run fast.

Sunday 27-Jan-2013. 6km

I had some bad news on the Saturday. My younger brother has contracted lung cancer and it is in a more advanced stage. This has upset me greatly. Running is the only thing I can do to lift my spirits. I went for a short run around the lake at West Lakes. I am not going to think about the future anymore, I have to practice living more for now. I felt when I was running with my feet touching the earth that I could transmit some positive energy through the earth to my poor brother, probably not very scientific but then, there is more we don't know than that we do know.


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