Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Barefoot run meeting

Distance 50km [total: minimalist 285.6km: Barefoot 3332.6km] Week31

Monday, 30-July. 11km

I wasn't sure if I felt like going for a run this evening after a busy day at work but once I was on my way home I began to get the feeling I wanted to run. It was a cool day but fairly bright, no rain today.
I parked my car at Grange and did the run to West Beach. The last 2km I ran along the beach to time myself. When I stopped my watch at the end I couldn't believe the time. I knocked over 15s of my time running from jetty to jetty and this included having to weave in and out of patches of broken shells. At a couple of points I stood on sharp shells but I felt like I was running a good time but when I saw 9:27.9m. Maybe I'm on my way to getting below 20minutes in the beach run in March next year

Wednesday, 1-Aug. 11km

Last of the sunny days as the rain heads in again overnight. It was a chilly morning, down to 2C, there was plenty of frost around. As I walked to the car (barefoot) on my way to work, I could feel the chill. I wonder how long I could run on this cold surface, my feet would be numb for sure. A cold night means a sunny day and it was beautiful. I got out of work at 4pm and got to the beach at 4.50pm. The sun was up and I could feel some warmth before it faded away. It seemed to cool down really fast. I ran mainly along the road and the last 2km on the beach once more but this time in a more relaxed pace, I took it easy as I didn't want to run hard on too many occasions. I need to get the kilometres up. I'll try and get to 60km per week by the end of August.

Saturday, 4-Aug. 22km

A chilly grey start to my Saturday run. I had my hands pulled into the sleeves of my top to keep warm. I was running into a breeze from the north which felt chilly, the temperature was just over 10C. At the 6km mark I thought I was heading into rain, visibility closed right down as low cloud blew around. I had 1km to get to the jetty and turn around and get that wind behind me. Within 5 minutes the cloud blew away and the sun came out and shone some warmth out on me as I reached the jetty and had a short walk off the beach and onto the bitumen walkway that I run along on the way back. I had a good run all the way back to the river which then leaves me another 3km to get back. Those last 3km were tough as the wind speed increased to a 28km/h headwind. I just lowered my head and dug in and kept placing one foot in front of the other. What a relief to get back and sit in the shelter of the car and drink down some water.

Sunday, 5-Aug. 6km

Meeting of the Adelaide Barefoot Runners group. We ran what would be my usual lake run but a shortened version, missing out the small loop on the upper part of the lake. The day had started off in a not too promising rain shower. I went down to the gym for a session early on then made my way to the car park by the lake to meet the others. We took it at a leisurely pace for most of the way around, I got them to run a bit harder along the concrete footpath where I always practice my faster paced running at the end. They did quite well coming in about 90 seconds after I arrived. We all went to the local coffee shop after where they had a roaring fire. The rain returned shortly after we got there.


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  2. Hi Neil,
    I happened upon your blog today, and read it with interest. I've just started barefoot running this week, and blogging my experiences too (see I'd be very interested in any group runs that are happening - I'm in Exeter,(off Semaphore Rd, not in the West of England). Are you the same chap who was in the paper this week? I stumbled upon that online today, too.


  3. Hi John,
    Only just saw your posting. Yes, I did make the paper. I think they already had the story they wanted and they just needed a name and photo. They didn't use any of the information I sent to them. Even the photo was of me sitting down, why not running???