Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting closer to Spring

Distance 52.2km [total: minimalist 285.6km: Barefoot 3384.8km] Week32

Monday, 6-Aug. 11km

Good run this evening in the last of the evening sun. Once again the temperature drops quickly once the sun sits on the horizon. I say good run although my upper hamstrings were a bit sore, I believe that was due to combination of lunges at the gym on Sunday and the fast sprint up Sportsman's Drive with the others from the barefoot runners group. I felt I was slapping my feet down a bit, I wasn't as quiet as usual. I ran the last 2km along the beach again, dodging in and out of the water of the incoming tide.

Thursday, 9th-Aug. 11km

With the sunset at 5.40pm I am almost able to complete my run with the sun above the horizon. Tonight, as I raced along the beach trying to beat the last rays cast off from the sinking sun I was around 150m from the end of my run at the jetty. It spurred me on to record another good time on the distance between the jetties of 9:32m, about 5 seconds off my best but I'm getting some consistency now. Maybe the longer aerobic runs are helping with my speed. My hip area was still a bit sore but not enough to hinder my run.

Saturday, 11-Aug. 22km

Saturday morning, a cold start, but I don't seem to be noticing it as much these days in my feet. The first year I was acutely aware of how cold it felt under foot and I wasn't sure if I was cut out to run barefoot but now, I must have acclimatised. I took it nice and easy today and ran a short distance with another runner going in my direction from the jetty at Semaphore back to the surf life saving club at about 3km further on. It's always good chatting to other runner, it takes your mind off the road for a while. I did a time of 2h04m20s. I'm not feeling as tired over the last few km now. I might even take on the half marathon at the Christmas fun run if I can get my time under 2 hours.

Sunday, 12-Aug.  8.2km

I'm on my own on the lake run this week. The Team Barefoot have gone about their own running schedules until next month. The morning was bright and sunny but it started to cloud over while I ran. The sun warmed the concrete slightly so I had some good feeling from my feet. I didn't see as many runners out as I saw last week, maybe 10.30am is their favoured start time. My fast section was a bit slow this week at 6m04s but I knew it would be as my heart rate monitor only started beeping towards the end which meant I had some unused reserve. It's looking like I'll be at 3,500km by spring.

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