Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sciatic nerve calf problem

Distance 23km [total: minimalist 256.3km: Barefoot 2079.5km] Week 2

Wednesday, 11-Jan. 10km.
A very windy late afternoon as I drove to the beach. The sand was soft and the wind whipping the sand around wouldn't make the best running experience so I stuck to the pavements. The sun had been out for most of the day and it was still clear, if the wind had not been blowing the running surface would have been a lot hotter than it was. As it was there were only a few spots where I started to worry about burning my feet. I ran from Grange to West Beach caravan park, a quick 10km round trip. My feet started to get very tender on the return journey, I'm wondering if I am running with too wide a stride. Even though I'm landing on my forefoot I was aware of friction in the front of my feet and even managed to rub a blister up on my right big toe. I think it is also due to still not having enough ankle strength in the injured area and not lifting the toe from the ground before the weight gets taken on the foot. Barefoot running id forever a learning experience, refinement and testing.

Saturday, 14-Jan. 13km.
I am re-assessing what the left leg calf tightness was caused by.... Not an electrolyte deficiency but more like a back problem and my old friend the sciatic nerve. I have probably jarred it while lifting weights in the gym and while not giving direct pain in the back it is giving a stiffness in the calf. It is in the same leg where the sciatic problems have appeared in the past. What alerted me was while doing warm-up leg swings, I couldn't swing the left leg as freely. I had a good run today, the morning weather was cool and clear, I ran 13km and felt good at the end. Nice short stride and I recorded a better time than last week. I may have to rest for a week until my back calms down.


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