Sunday, November 6, 2011

Barefoot Walking

Distance 15km [total: minimalist 256.3km: Barefoot 1887.7km] Week 45
Saturday, 5-Nov. 7km Walk
Another week of warm spring weather goes past and it another day I spend on the sidelines. I drove to the beach early as it was going to be a hot day.
The sand was soft and dry. I tried running but the pain returned around the ankle, frustratedly I walked off the beach. I wasn't going to drive home again without doing some exercise so I walked along the foreshore path doing a 7km out and back. It would get my feet back into shape if nothing else.
At first I could feel my frustration as runners would whiz past me as I walked, I so much wanted to be running but I was locked into a quick walking pace. I get no pain while walking only when there is the added forces associated with running. As the walk progressed my mood lifted and I even ran about 300m on the soft sand on the way back. The injury is healing but it is a slow progress. I am expecting delivery of a small ultrasound unit next week so I should be able to treat the area and see if I can get some strength and flexibility back.

Sunday, 6-Nov. 8km Walk
In contrast to yesterday the weather has cooled off. Good walking weather. This time I drove the short distance to the river around 4km from where it enters the sea. This was another barefoot walk and once again the feet were great on what was quite rough bitumen. I had been prepared to cut the walk short if I found my feet getting too sensitive after yesterdays walk but I didn't have to. It began to drizzle as I approached the beach, it didn't turn to full on rain which was good as I would have not been able to make a quick retreat.
I don't get any ankle pain from walking, it seems to come just when I run, when the ankle is at a different angle and loaded. It still looks swollen compared with the none injured ankle.


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