Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend running

Distance 43.5km [total: minimalist 136.5km: Barefoot 1480.4km] Week 22

The weather this week was calm, plenty of blue sky during the day but quite cold at night, getting down to 6C and below.
On my usual work day I only put my shoes on as I get out of the car at work. I walk around at home and to the car and drive barefoot. It doesn't take long for the numbness to take hold while walking around on 6C concrete. I could still cover a few kilometres but I wouldn't want to be running longer distances.

Monday, 30-May. 5km
A pleasant sunny day but as I am working I miss most of it, instead shut in an air conditioned office. I escaped from work just after 4pm and got to the beach by 4.45pm, the sun would be up for another 25 minutes, better than nothing.
I did a beach run on the outgoing tide then came up onto the pavement for the return run getting some good speed up during the last kilometre.

Thursday, 2-Jun. 10km.
The warmest of the days this week, up to 21C at its high point. It is going to cool off and be much wetter over the next few days. I ran from Grange to West beach in an out and back. Feet were perfect. The sun was with me until the turnaround point when it sunk into the sea in the west. Darkness comes quite quickly, cars all had their headlights on and the street lamps were turning on as I ran back.
In the last kilometre I'm running in near darkness, concentrating on the ground directly in front of me, looking for small stones. I have to slow down as it gets darker as it is harder to judge the surface with lower visibility. I still get curious looks from a few people. It must be getting to the point now where I am a familiar sight and I don't cause any reaction.
I covered the distance in 27:43m out and 29m back (total 56:43) a couple of minutes better than last time.

Saturday, 5-Jun. 18.5km.
Far from the cold wet weather forecast the sun is shining, the sky is mainly blue.
I'm on my usual run, jetty to jetty along the beach then onto the bitumen and trails for 60% of the return journey.
I seem to be coping better with the cooler conditions, the pads on my feet went a bit numb but not too bad. I enjoy running the grass section on the return journey as I don't feel the cold on the grass, maybe the contact is much less.
I'm getting a bit better at the rocky trail section but I did manage to come down a bit heavy on my heel at one point.
I decided to squeeze in an extra 4km when I got back to my start point by running to the next jetty and back. I was feeling pretty tired by then an my form was starting to deteriorate.

Sunday, 6-Jun. 10km.
This time the rain did come and I got caught in it. It was a sunny but blowy day, in the distance across the sea, black clouds were moving in. I thought I may make it around without getting wet but I could see the rain coming down and I ran into it at around 5km. There were plenty of breaks in the clouds and the rain eased as I got closer to the end. The rain did make certain patches slippery, some of the tiled pavement that was less porous was something to take care on.
I was thankful to get back to my car at the end and get the heater on to revive the feet.
I may have a rest now until later in the week, it is getting colder so it won't be much fun in the cold, wet and dark.
The kilometres are piling up much faster now that I am not being hampered by shin pains and the many other injuries I picked up running in shoes.


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