Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking man

Distance 22km [total: minimalist 136.5km: Barefoot 1502.4km] Week 23

Thursday, 9-Jun. 10km. 
Earlier in the week it was pretty cold, only around 13C for daytime maximum. I usually run on a Monday but it was raining so I gave it a miss.
Thursday the weather was not looking all that good, intermittent rain through the day and low grey clouds racing across the sky, not very inspirational weather.
I set off from work at 4pm and the windscreen wipers were going on the drive home, I was in two minds whether to abandon tonight's run and just take it easy in the indoor warmth.
It is always a little drier in the west as most of the rain falls on the Adelaide hills and I noticed the ground was dry when I got home. To the beach it was then!
I ran 10km on the road Grange to West Beach caravan park and back. I could see rain pouring from the clouds out to sea but made it around without any coming down on me. Once again, it was dark by the time I got back.

Saturday, 11-Jun. 12km. 
Up a bit later today, slept a bit longer than usual. No sun coming through the window to wake me, cloudy outside. I got out for my run at just after 10am, the temperature was around 11C. I ran an all road course again, just extending my Thursday run by another kilometre each way. I was going to run further, all the way to Glenelg but I hit a patch of brick pavement close to the beach that was all worn by the sea spray exposing a sandpaper like surface, tiny pieces of shiny crystal pieces sticking up. This was very hard to run on and in the end I called it a day at that point. Next time I will bypass that area. The feet were fine when I got back just a little tender from some of the rough surfaces, they will be fine in a few hours.

My neighbour commented on that I seem to be losing weight, a few people have said that now. I wonder if barefoot running burns up more calories as you are using more muscles. I have probably dropped about 8kg in weight from last year, I am now just under 70kg. I need to eat more. I think since banana prices went through the roof and I abandoned them and I have been drinking the green smoothies which probably don't have a lot of calories in the weight has been falling. I'm not lacking in energy or anything though which would be a sign of under nourishment. I may book in for a check up at the doctors just to see everything is ok.


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