Saturday, June 18, 2011

Almost winter solstice

Distance 28.5km [total: minimalist 136.5km: Barefoot 1530.9km] Week 24

I always feel a bit of relief when I get past June 21st as I know the evenings will be getting just that bit lighter day by day. That doesn't mean of course that it will be getting warmer, I expect the colder winter weather to be over this side of the solstice.

Tuesday, 14-Jun. 10km.
Usually my night of going to the cinema with friends but winter bugs are catching up with people so it was called off this week. It gave me a chance to get out for a run after work. I put in 10km on the road. It felt cold under foot especially on the wet concrete. In the summer the concrete is great as it cooler than most other surfaces but in winter it is colder than most of the other surfaces, but, as it is smooth, if you have good form, the numb feet should be little to worry about.
I was in the dark for the last kilometre, I need a small LED lamp so I can see the path in front. I made note of a broken bottle on the path on the way out and stayed over the other side on the way back.

Saturday, 18-Jun. 18.5km.
After starting my run and getting a few kilometres away, I was feeling kind of tired, lacking in energy, maybe no dinner last night was the reason. It also looked like I was going to get rained on, I kept going and bother my energy improved and the dark clouds moved on and the sun shone, wonderful.
My feet were numb when I got to Semaphore jetty and it felt good to walk along the wooden boards as they were slightly warmer. The home journey was on the foreshore walkways and then trails through the sand dunes. The distance goes by quicker with the narrower horizon.
In the last few kilometres I'm back on the beach and it feels nice and easy before I take to the road again and my feet are starting to feel a bit tender after 17km.
I shouldn't complain about the running barefoot in the cold as compared to the Barefoot Sisters Isis and Jackrabbit in their book Southbound this is nothing. They are in early winter now after hiking all through spring and summer from Maine on the A.T. to Georgia, they are walking barefoot through frost and ice. Their feet have toughened up an have an insulating layer to keep the cold out.
I prefer running in the warm but I can run in the cold and it is far easier now than it was for me this time last year. I think this year I will be strong enough to tackle some of the longer races up to half marathon, a distance I have not run in probably 25 years.
It seems the barefoot running snowball is starting to gather pace as it rolls down the hill, lots of new people on the forums asking about pains and injuries. All caused by impatience, similar to myself in the early days.


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