Friday, June 11, 2010

Calf strain part 2

Distance 6km [total: minimalist 96km: Barefoot 404km]

After my home run on Friday last week I had a rest on the following day to allow for a bit more time for recovery.
My feet were great on the run as the ground was dry, it was a little cold in places but that makes you appreciate the warm patches of bitumen that have managed to absorb a bit of the suns energy during the day.

On the Sunday I located the small running group that are based around the Fitness Express Lane folk. I thought they had given it away for the winter so I had also stopped getting up so early to get to the beach.
I was assured they still turn up as regular as clockwork so there I was at 8am on a cool Sunday morning.
Eventually Tony turned up and that was all for that day. We ran up the beach and back covering about 4km. I was feeling much stronger than I did earlier in the year and didn't get left behind.
The sand was incredibly cold and my feet went numb underneath, it was actually warmer if I ran in the water, which is what I did on the way back.
I was about to put in a final sprint to Henley Jetty to give Tony a bit of competition when I felt a dull pain in my right calf. I stopped straight away.
I had a post run paddle in the now quite cold water. It didn't help much I had strained it and only rest will help now.

I rested during the week, only venturing out onto the sports field on the Thursday as it was feeling better.
I did some of the drills and sprints. About halfway through the pain returned so I stopped the sprints but carried on with the drills before cooling off.

This meant that the Friday run home was off for today. I took the lazy way, the motor car.
I may try a light run along the beach tomorrow depending on how it feels when I wake up tomorrow.

One thing I know is that it is not the running style that is causing it but more of a case of pushing the training up too quickly.
I need to gradually build up the base fitness, my problem is that I enjoy running so much I can't help but wanting to be out there running as much as possible.
I need to reign in my enthusiasm.


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