Thursday, June 17, 2010

8km loop

Distance 8km [total: minimalist 104km: Barefoot 413km]

A blustery Thursday afternoon was the setting for my run for the day.
I went on a loop course that took me 55 minutes in total with about 45 minutes being running time and 10 minutes of walking and waiting for traffic.
I followed the route in the map. Google maps is very good for working out distances as well and this route works out to exactly 8km

I ran wearing my VFF's concentrating on keeping the knees bent and stride short. I feel my form had deteriorated some what by the end. I felt a bit sore in the right Achilles but it was only temporary. I didn't get any problem from the calf at all.
I find it harder to run in the dark as it's not as easy to judge stride length.

Only one more week until the shortest day and then slowly the days will begin to lengthen, I'll be happier at that point.


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