Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sporadic Running

Distance 56km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6733.8km] Week38-41 (15th Sep - 12th Oct)

The running has been sporadic throughout the period as I continue with calf exercises to stabilize my ankle while running.
In week 40 I ran a total of 20km with 6km of that being with my fellow barefoot runners as our regular run on the first Sunday of each month.
The springtime weather has been pretty good and even a touch on the warm side. We have had a couple of days over 30C and that seems to be very early in the season for such warm weather..
The country fire services have moved the fire danger season so that it starts much earlier in the year now.

Week 41 I managed 28km, one run during the week of 7km, then on Saturday a 13km run to Glenelg and back and on the Sunday a run around the lake of 8km. 
On that last run I had a bit of knee pain but I think that was cause by the 3 sets of weighted lunges I did at the gym earlier.
On the Saturday run the ground was getting a bit hot for running on as I made my return journey. Even though there was a cool breeze and the temperature was 20C the intensity of the sun on the bitumen in the sheltered areas was getting up to 30C

In weeks 38 and 39 I only ran distances of 4km each week along the beach 
Sporting my Barepadz by the River
 My first attempt at wearing the Barepadz out for a walk I didn't pull them over the foot far enough. I didn't realise that the big toe had to go all the way through the hole at the top. It was a very tight fit. As a consequence they would keep working their way off my foot as I walked along the river.
I worked it out later how to put them on correctly by finding photos on the net, all I have to rty now is running in them.


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