Sunday, September 14, 2014

Light running

Distance 13.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6677.8km] Week37 (8th - 14th Sep)

Running days: Wednesday Sunday
Distances: 9km 2km

After more resting, no Monday run, I gave it a go on Wednesday and found it no better. I ran lightly along the beach road but after a few kilometres I could feel the tightness return. By the time I began my return journey it was a bit depressing that I had to run at a slow pace so not to aggravate the problem any more. I soaked the ankles and calves in the sea for 10 minutes after the run to see if the cold therapy would work.
I did a gym session from 8.30am until around 9.30am then decided to try some running on irregular surfaces of the sand dune trails at Tennyson. This was exhausting, I didn't feel that fit at all. Running in soft sand drains the energy out of the legs. I did around 3 circuits which consists of climbs on rocky paths, then onto soft sand then onto stony path, then beach, a great mix up run. I got pretty hot and sweaty after that. The ankles seemed ok as well.


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