Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quiet running week

Distance 21.5km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 4887.7km] Week33

Monday, 12-Aug. 11km

A chilly day with a strong breeze. I didn't feel much like going for a run after work tonight but thought if I just go out and run lightly then see how I feel after a couple of kilometres. As expected, once I got going I felt much better. Just concentrating on my breathing and the feel of my feet on the ground. The ground was warm despite the cold breeze. I must have set off slightly later today as it was quite dark when I got back to the car. I put in a bit of a burst of speed at the end to beat a yound lady who overtook me earlier, the competitive instinct is still there. The wet weather came in a couple of hours after I got back, lots of rain.

Thursday, 15-Aug. 10.5km

The only other run this week on one of the nicer days. There was some sunshine and a sunset as I made my back through Henley Beach. The run went well, smooth and relaxed. Not many people out this afternoon, only a couple of runners. I have noticed that I get a few more acknowledgments these days, maybe After all the years there is a bit of respect for my persistance. The rest of the week was cold wet and windy so I decided that I could relax for the rest of the week without a run rather than battle the driving rain and wind.
We are now halfway through the last month of winter. By September it should be much lighter in the evening and the days should be slightly warmer.


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