Monday, April 22, 2013

First taste of Winter

Distance 35km [total: minimalist 285.6km: Barefoot 4462.3km] Week 16

Monday, 15-Apr. 11km

I lost my race against the sun today, I got out slightly later and that made a difference, the sun went down as I was on my way back through Henley Beach and dusk started to creep in along with the chilly wind. It was a breezy run with a strong south westerly holding me back on the way out but aiding me on the way home. Had to give the one fingered salute to a hoon in a car commenting about my lack of shoes, the old saying 'empty vessels make the most sound' is an apt description for these brainless morons.
On the way back I tagged on behind another runner from the river car park up to Henley Square where he stopped. He was going at a good pace and I had to push my heart rate up to keep up. I put in a good burst of speed in the last 500m flying past a few small groups of runners.

Friday, 19-Apr. 11km

It was a chilly start to the day, the first time my hands felt really cold since the end of summer. I'd driven into work and parked my car around 1km away. I had a long sleeved top on but felt a cold wind cut through it when I got out of the car. I put on a zip up sweat shirt, this warmed me up. The cold wind stopped by midday and was replaced by a sunny autumn day. I got out for my run at around 5pm, a hazy sun was still in the sky, there was still some warmth in the pavement but by the time I was on the return leg the warmth had gone. It took me around 1 hour for the run. The light had faded by the time I reached the car, I didn't hang around as it was too cold now. I also need to get the heater fan in my car fixed, it has stopped working so that means a cold car on my drive to work if I don't get it fixed.

Saturday, 20-Apr. 13km

The run up the beach to Semaphore was a bit tiring as I was running in soft sand for most of the way and into a north-east wind, it will be better on the way back!
The sand run  had taken much of my spring away by the time I hit the bitumen. I saw some runners up ahead and tried to chase them down but I struggled and they got away. I ran back along the grassy route behind the houses that face the beach. I wanted to avoid the sand on the return journey so looked to get back onto the road. I had to run a small section of trail through the dunes, I walked it as it was stony and there were lots of small spiky seed casings that stuck to the underside of my feet, more irritating than painful. I ran back along Military Road, the pavement wasn't very well maintained at the Grange end, the rich homeowners that have added huge extensions to their already obese houses have wreaked the pavement with the construction equipment. I spend a lot of time dodging around the broken paving and stones.
It was a joy to get back on the smooth concrete by the beach.

No running on Sunday as the weather was appauling, high winds and rain. It felt far better to stay in bed and listen to the wind howling outside

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