Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hot February Weather

Distance 48.7km [total: minimalist 285.6km: Barefoot 4151.6km] Week 7

Monday, 11-Feb. 10km

A good running day temperature wise, it was in the high 20's today. The tide was high so it was a run along the road from Grange to West beach covering 10km. My first longer run since my rest period. I ran without a problem, my feet are back to their road handling ability. I think it will be quite a few months before I'm running 20km again, maybe next spring time.

Saturday,  16-Feb. 6.5km

A warm Saturday morning as I get out for my weekend run. I'm not going to run any distance today as it is too hot. Already at just after 9am the temperature is in the high 20's.
I found that there was a small strip of wet sand just beyond the waters edge, this would be my path for the day. It would be too hot to run on the pavements. I am still finding my heart rate is too high to be in the aerobic zone, today it is due to hot temperature. I felt pretty stuffed by the time I got back to the jetty at Grange. I had a paddle around in the water for a while before walking back to the car.

Sunday, 17-Feb. 8.2km

Another hot morning run. At around 9.30am when I was making my way around the lake the temperature was above 32C, I could feel the temperature in the concrete. In another hour it would be too hot to be running on. I tried not to over extend myself, kept a steady pace. By the end I could feel my throat drying out. I'm still getting a small amount of Achilles pain in the right ankle. I may do some more calf drops but only when I know I'll not be running for a couple of days after. I left my heart rate monitor today so could only guess how my heart rate was.


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