Sunday, December 2, 2012

Into Summer

Distance 33.5km [total: minimalist 285.6km: Barefoot 3998.9km] Week47

Tuesday, 27-Nov. 9km.

Turning my early morning practice into practical use. A week of hot weather has been forecast, today up in the 30's so a morning run would be more sensible.
I got to the beach at around 5.50am, just before sunrise, but far from being no people around there were several runners already out. The body felt a bit sleepy at first but as soon as the feedback from the feet started to stimulate the brain I felt more alive. The ground felt good, a bit of warmth from the previous day as I padded softly along. I wasn't sure how the time and distance would work out so this was a trial run.
I found that I got back to the car at around 6.45am, by the time I got home and had a shower it was after 7am, I then shoveled some breakfast down. I ended up setting off for work at around 7.30am, 30 minutes later than usual.
I felt a bit sleepy by mid morning with my early start.

Thursday, 29-Nov. 9km.

A repeat of Tuesdays run, it was a bit warmer today, 18.5C when I set off, just over an hour later the temperature was 27C. When I parked up at the beach car park the moon was still up in the dark western sky. I arrived at the beach at 5.35am this time, no sign of the sun yet and far fewer runners. I had a good moderate paced run, I did get beaten by a runner on the way back, I just reminded myself that I wasn't racing and I was coming back from some calf strain so don't push it. This time I got back to the car at 6.30am and left for work at around 7.15am.

Saturday,  1-Dec. 9.5km.

The weather cooled off overnight as the wind changed direction to the south. I did an early run once more, not as early as during the week but at around 6.50am. It was high tide when I arrived at the beach so once more I ran along the Esplanade to the caravan park at West Beach. I took a different route on the way back. Once I crossed the river I turned onto Military Road and ran along the pavement. It wasn't as smooth a run as on the road by the beach, the roads themselves were very coarse chip seal and I had to slow down while crossing them.

Sunday, 2-Dec. 6km.

The first Sunday of the month can only mean one thing.... Barefoot Runners Meet. We gathered at the south end of West Lakes for an easy run around the lake at chatting pace. A triathlon was taking place on the other side of the lake and we would run on part of the course on the way back.We all got around the 6km without a problem, the weather had cooled over the weekend so we didn't have to contend with 30C at 9.00am.

December Meeting of Adelaide Barefoot Runners

Getting the feet warmed up for the run.

This will be the last meeting of the year but a few of us will run in the Christmas Day run on the 25th.


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