Sunday, December 23, 2012

Almost years end

Distance 43km [total: minimalist 285.6km: Barefoot 4110.9km] Week50

Monday, 17-Dec. 7km

After Sundays gym session my calves are stiff especially the left one. I did 12 x 3 sets of lunges with 30kg, I figured it would mainly hit my quads and glutes but it also got my calves.
So, running was hard work tonight. I started running along the pavement but I could feel the heat from the bricks, although only 25C today it was bright and sunny. I headed onto the beach after 1km, the tide was low so it felt better on my feet, I was determined not to burn them again, not in such quick succession anyway. My calf was tight all the way around.

Tuesday, 18-Dec. 10km

An early morning run, up at 5.25am and down at the beach by 5.40am. The calf was still tight but a bit better than yesterday. I ran along the road from Grange to West Beach. It was going to be  warm sunny day but now it was perfect, maybe 18C. The sun came up as I made my way back. I would like some more time to relax at the end of my run, take in the morning air but, no, I had to race back in the car to have a shower and some breakfast before heading off to work for the day.

Thursday, 20-Dec. 10km

This early morning it was quite cool, almost cold underfoot. It always takes me about 15minutes to wake my sleepy self up when I start run at this time of day. I feel a bit creaky, my feet feel more sensitive and muscles stiffer. By the time I have run a couple of kilometres I get into my stride and can start to relax. The usual Boot Camp trainees were being coaxed into action along the beach as I ran back, it must be tough not having self motivation.
I finish for the Christmas break on Friday so that means a bit of drinking then following that, on the Saturday, I have another drinking session to celebrate a friends birthday. I need to fit my running in between these events.

Saturday, 22-Dec. 16km

A warm 35C day ahead so I got to the beach around 7am. The sand was quite cold and my feet were cold for most of the outbound journey, the sand started to warm once the sun was higher in the sky. There was some firm wet sand to run on but this was being eaten up by the incoming tide which would reach it's high point at around 10am. I was still a bit creaky around the tendons, I will give them a soak in cold water once I get back. The return section of the run was better than the outbound which seemed to take ages as I have not run this far for around a month. As I'd only had my breakfast around 1 hour earlier I felt weak and lacking in energy, my stomach would have been still digesting the food.
I'll rest now until my Christmas day run on Tuesday.

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