Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rest Week

Distance 30.5km [total: minimalist 285.6km: Barefoot 3746.6km] Week39

Monday, 1-Oct. 15km

Although this is a designated rest week, Monday was a public holiday here in South Australia, the weather was fantastic and so how could I not go out for a run. My feet were noticeably more tender, the increased distance has not given them time enough to repair on the underneath. Each time I would stand on a stone or shell it would hurt more than I would expect and that would make me more cautious. I still managed a good speed workout at the end between the two jetties. In fact it was easier on my pads running at higher speed because the ground contact was shorter. I shall now rest up for 4-5 days. I have a scheduled run on Sunday with the group so I may make that my next trip out.

Saturday, 6-Oct. 11km

Well, it should have been a rest day and it was very windy out by the beach, but, the sun was shining and I was tempted. The feet were still a bit over sensitive and if I stood on a small bit of grit on my callus it would send a sharp response to my brain 'don't do that again'. I ran into the wind on the way out and had it push me back to the start. As I have said before I have no problem running into the wind, I don't like it behind me though. I did a 2km beach stretch at the end recording a time of 9:30m and that was with my heart rate just above my aerobic zone, most of that speed was the wind pushing me forward.

Sunday, 7-Oct. 4.5km

We lost an hour of sleep tonight as South Australia switched over to Australian Daylight Saving time. It will probably catch up with me on Monday morning when I get up for work.
Today was the monthly meet of the Adelaide Barefoot Runners group, this time we had a new member join our ranks, John Middleton. The last time we met at the College Park run start it was mid winter and had just poured down with rain so was quite cold under foot. This time we are in Spring and the weather was perfect, around 18C, bright and sunny. Lots of runners along the river. As I was driving towards our meeting place I could hear the whooping sound of the primates at the zoo, it may have been the excitement from the arrival of breakfast.
David chose a different route from the last time. It took in plenty of grassy surfaces and nice smooth river pathways. Earlier in the day I had found what had been causing an irritation in my right big toe, a small sliver of glass which I found when digging around the area. I am more likely to have picked it up inside the house rather than outside but running probably embedded it a bit more. We ran around 4.5km at a nice easy pace, after which we found a local deli that served up coffee, we spent another 40 minutes chatting. It was a great little meet.

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