Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another 60km+

Distance 62.8km [total: minimalist 285.6km: Barefoot 3716.1km] Week38

Tuesday, 25-Sep. 11km

Very enjoyable run at a good pace. My left calf was still a bit sore from the gym on Sunday but it didn't hamper my running. Lots of other runners out this evening, the warmer weather has seen them emerge from winter hibernation. I had to hurry up on tonight's run as I had to be leaving for the cinema at 6.45pm. I ran the last 2km along the beach, along the high tide line. There were too many piles of broken shells to put in a decent time but I did get my heart rate up above my aerobic zone.

Wednesday, 26-Sep. 13.5km

A beach run into the wind this evening as I ran up to Semaphore, the wind speed recorded at the airport was around 30km/h.
I should pick some different routes when it is windy such as along the river or around West Lakes, I have been stuck in a bit of a running route rut in that I always head out towards the beach after work. The tide was high again so I was running on soft sand and sand with a harder crust. The temperature got up to 27C today but was cooler by the beach, it still sapped my energy a little more than usual. On the way back I could feel the first pangs of hunger so I didn't extend the run any more than I had to.

Thursday, 27-Sep. 11.5km

Last of the warm weather days so I made the best of it and did a run along the road from Grange to West Beach. I felt tired this time, I think I may not have fully recovered from the other runs as my heart rate seemed higher than I expected. My soles felt a over sensitive as well and I seemed to find every small stone and bit of grit today. That may have been because my legs were tired they were more tense and so I landed with more force on all the small bits on the ground. The temperature will be dropping by around 10C in the next few days and the wind will pick up again, I may do a shorter run on Saturday.

Saturday, 29-Sep. 19km

Back to winter again today. Although it was mainly bright with a few clouds around there was cold southerly wind blowing. On the way up to Largs jetty it was behind me so I couldn't feel it, as soon as I moved in an 180degree arc to run back to Semaphore the chill cut right through me. I didn't fancy the idea of having to run 10km into this chilly wind so I thought of an alternative way back along the Military Road that would hopefully be more sheltered. I ran along the foreshore path then down onto the pavement along the main road, it cut the wind down substantially. I did manage to stand on a stone on my achy left foot which made it throb, it eased off and I continued running. After around 4km I thought I could run up onto the upper road, Seaview and along, but I found the path much rougher and my feet were feeling tender so I headed back onto the beach where I ran the last few km to the car. I need to rest my foot a little, I think the shift up to longer distances has irritated it.

Sunday, 30-Sep. 7.8km

After a small amount of rain just after 9am things began to get brighter and the difference at this time of year when compared to say July is that my feet don't freeze as there is more of the suns stored energy in the pavements and it feels warm. I did an easy run today, no stopwatch or keeping an eye on my heart rate, just run and stop anytime I wanted to see what was going on around me. I didn't pass any other runners along the lake but I did have a runner behind me, I slowed down for a while to see if he could catch up but he was a bit too slow for me so I took off again.
After the run, a short gym session then called in on an old work colleague to find out what life was like with his new employer. I need to find a new line of work, at the moment though I'm not sure in what area though.


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