Monday, August 15, 2011

Wet Week

Distance 15.5km [total: minimalist 144km: Barefoot 1787.2km] Week 32

Not a lot of running done this week as we had a lot of rain over the earlier part. I've finally shook off the cold completely. I did a gym workout session on the Wednesday and now, as I write this I can feel the muscles in my back aching, not in a bad way though.

Thursday, 11-Aug. 8km.
I had to squeeze a final beach run in before I leave for a holiday. The weather had finally cleared up after quite a bit of rain. I stuck to the beach as I wanted to make sure my ankle was ok again after the soreness I picked up over the weekend. I still have no idea of what caused it. I must have bumped something or maybe it was the sprinting at the end of the Saturday run.
The tide was high but on its way out when I got to the beach so I had around 2m of flat wet sand to run on, the only problem being it was at an angle of around 10 degrees. It was a good run and the sun was up for most of the way, setting now at around 5.40pm which is giving me plenty of time to run a 10km without being in the dark.

Sunday, 14-Aug. 7.5km.
Well, here I am, on the other side of the world and my first run. I decided to tackle a short distance run of only 7.5km that would take me along the River Tame up to Ashton Road then back. I set off at 9.30am under grey heavy clouds. I wore my Vibrams as I knew how rough the trail was and how unhygienic it would be what  with many dogs being walked. It was also damp and wet and would not be a pleasant barefoot experience. I always worry about wearing the VFFs due to the lack of feedback and the way they might make me run beyond my ability. I did fine though, my technique is far better than it was a year ago. It began to rain on the last kilometre. I seemed to get a high heart rate reading, maybe that was something to do with all the tiredness from travelling.


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