Saturday, May 7, 2011

Splinter gone?

Distance 25.5km [total: minimalist 136.5km: Barefoot 1346km] Week 18

Wednesday, 4-May 4km

During the week I was still being tormented by a nerve irritating splinter in my right foot near the small toes.
It always seems to hurt more after I have been sitting for a while or when I get out of bed in the morning.
I have gone over the area and found nothing except a hard bit of skin which is the source of the pain.
I went for a short 4km run on Wednesday to see how it would go.
I was aware of it and it is almost like listening for a dripping tap at night, once you have felt it you are waiting for it again.
I tried to run as lightly as possible but I could feel it each time my foot hit the ground. I had planned to run a 7km run today but cut it short as it was hurting a bit too much on the hard surface. The beach was much easier to run on despite the tide being right in. It must have hit the high point and was now slightly receding giving me just enough wet sand to get some traction.
I put in a good effort and felt like I was flying along. I walked the last bit of the course along the pavement as I knew as soon as I put pressure back on the pad, the pain would be like a needle.

Thursday, 5-May. 0km
Thursday: I rested but had a good dig around the pain spot with some nail clippers, chopping away at the hard spot. I covered it in Betadine after just in case.
I rested again on Friday.

Saturday, 7-May. 14.5km
A nice sunny morning. I would go to the beach today and do a 12km at least. If I felt good I'd try to extend it. The pain from the 'splinter' was mild today but I did have some pain in the back area of my right leg due to my modified walking. I needed to get back in balance.
The beach run went great. I just concentrated on form and soon enough all the pains disappeared from the legs. I decided I could go a bit further so added an extra 1.25km each way making it a total of 14.5km. I put in a kilometre on the road and that went well to, the pain was fading, I felt light and springy.
I got back in a time of 1:28:14h which was quite good for a relaxed run. I think it may have also done the trick of dislodging whatever was causing the irritation to my foot.
Back to joyful running again.

Sunday, 8-May. 7km
 I left my run until the afternoon when the sun has had chance to warm the pavement and beach. I did a 7km run along the pavement and back along the beach. I still have the splinter pain in my forefoot pad, I've not managed to shift it yet. I can run on it if I keep nice and light. I still can't work out why it hurts more in the morning after I get out of bed then fades once I walk around for a while. (post added)


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